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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  December 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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that wraps up this hour. i'm ali velshi in for stephanie ruhle. coming up, more news with chris jansing. >> thank you so much, ali. i'm chris jansing. right now live on msnbc, mass casualty. chilling new details about the moments that deadly oakland warehouse went up in flames as the number of victims killed in that blaze continues to rise. standing rock victory. after months of protests, a polarizing pipeline set to run through north dakota is put on hold, but for how long? team trump has a new member. former rival ben carson in housing and urban development. new clues about the foreign policy plans for china but let's begin with breaking news on that deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. we just learned from officials that 36 people died in that blaze and they expect the number to rise. the cause of the fire still unknown. and recovery efforts have been
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stopped because the building is so unstable. >> just after midnight, we had some crews doing some surveilling and reconnaissance on the next door roof and noticed a slight lean in the parapit at the top of the exterior wall. for us as firefighters working under a wobbly potentially collapsing exterior wall is extremely dangerous. >> nbc's steve patterson is outside of the warehouse. >> reporter: the death toll increasing from 33 to 36 people. this was already one of the worst fires if not the worst fire in oakland history in a place that's known for fires. the 1991 oakland hills fire
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killed 25 people and that number already 36 and the most heartbreaking thing to hear on scene is they certainly almost assuredly expect that number to increase as they continue to comb through the building. the next, combing through the building. nobody getting into the building from the recovery team to the investigation team until structural engineers deem that once again safe. this process was going to take maybe 24 hours and could be six hurs before the structural engineers get on scene and make sure that the structure is once again safe to do the hard work of recovery. and then number three, officials think they've identified a point of origin, emanating in the first floor near the back of the warehouse in the back wall and may have spread up to the second floor and then the roof but again, that's work to be done when they determine if this structure is safe.
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we've been hearing harrowing tales about survivors inside at the time the fire broke. i spoke yesterday to two women who called this place home. there was a residential colony and two women who were there when the fire broke out. you have to listen to their tale of survival. listen to this. >> we lost one of our own in the fire and we all knew right away, one of our other members tried to save him and wasn't able to and we all knew right away and i think he's still officially listed as missing because they haven't recovered his body yet. >> reporter: i just had a conversation with the police chief after that latest news update, the chief is saying, again, there is a criminal investigation team that has been activated from the d.a.'s office. that does not mean there's an open criminal investigation.
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that's preliminary work that's being done. she also said they expected some sort of closure today but because of this work stoppage, likely not going to have that. so we're waiting until the next update to see when those engineers get back in there to deem this safe so the work can continue. chris? >> thank you so much for that update. let's get to politics now. a lot happening this morning in donald trump's transition to the white house. more than half of the cabinet positions now filled. ben carson, the renowned neurosurgeon and the only african-american in the 2016 race is lead housing and urban development. simultaneously expanding the search for the key ones, secretary of state. in the meantime, new details in the phone call between trump and taiwan. china isn't happy about it and the president-elect isn't happy at china as evidenced from his tweets. trying to keep criticism at bay saying he called him, the not
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the other way around but planned the call before the election. >> i would say to our counterparts in china that this was a moment of courtesy. the president-elect talked to president ji two weeks ago that was not a matter of discussion but policy. >> you and i covered ben carson on the campaign trail and has no experience running an agency but looking to go to hud. why this choice now? >> it's an interesting choice too. given, chris, where these two men were when you look at like the end of 2015 when you and i were out on the campaign trail. a lot of bad blood between dr. ben carson and donald trump. calling him pathological, talking about his temper, making a comparison to child
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molestati molestation, seemed to be forgiven when dr. carson endorsed donald trump at the time and saying he had guts, energy. they've been interacting in an advisory role ever since then. it is coming under fire from some and out with a statement calling dr. carson, as she puts it, disturbingly unqualified but lindsey graham said, he's an agent of change in a department that could use change. you're seeing reaction from both sides of the aisle there. i think a confidant of dr. carson told me previously when dr. carson was sort of considering this position and had gotten the offer right before thanksgiving, took the thanksgiving holiday to think about it, sees himself being transformational, a lot see jack kemp, for example. look at his upbringing in inner city detroit and could in fact implement some change and
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improve housing and urban development. we'll see how the choice develops. we've got some movement possibly on the state department as some point as reince priebus said in the next two weeks. i have a feeling energy and interior are two other cabinet positions they look at pretty seriously with possible movement coming soon. >> i think a lot of movement up and down in the secretary of state position between now and then but in the meantime while we wait for the nation's next top diplomat, the president-elect seems to be doing it himself and getting attention for the phone call with taiwan. team's been down playing it but trump is tweeting. what's behind this strategy? why did he take this call? >> it was intentional. that's what i'm told by people familiar with this discussion, with this decision. it was not a willy-nilly phone call. this was put in place after the election or at least thought about in a deliberate and serious way. you see them say, it's no big
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deal. vice president-elect speaking about this to others. and interestingly, john huntsman, the former ambassador to china and utah governor considered for a possible position as someone a contender for secretary of state. i think you'll continue to see the fallout for a little longer yet, chris. >> thank you so much, hallie jackson, as always, keeping up what's going on in trump land. and author of the co"the coming of china." >> it is important if the trump team has a coherent policy. taking on china is not a bad thing. it has to happen and i think if secretary clinton would do something similar except a year and a half down the road but you have to have a coherent policy
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and once you take on china, you can't walk it back. trump walked it back with the tweet saying i merely picked up the phone and pence walked it back yesterday. >> you don't see this as potentially a change in decades of how we've approached taiwan. >> i think it could be. we've got to see what they're going to do. this is prearranged. the taiwan president would have never called if she thought it would be rejected because it would be extremely embarrassing. and unity in american actions. >> how extraordinary would it be if here's what we're looking at doing? because this isn't just u.s. policy. taiwan is not recognized by the united nations. fewer than two dozen have any diplomatic relations. athletes can't even march in the olympics under taiwan. so what kind of approach does this signal if this is a signal to how the trump foreign policy team is going to operate?
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>> they'll operate in an unpredictable manner. they'll take the initiative. china has always challenged new u.s. presidents. both bush and obama in dangerous ways so trump is saying, you're not going to cause a crisis because i'm going to set the tone and the agenda. that's fine as long as he's determined because the chinese have a lot of political will. we've got more cards, they've got more political will. the question is how this turns out but your first question, this would be ground breaking if they upgrade relations with taiwan and sort of downgrade with beijing. i think that needs to happen, but i want it done well. >> what's the advantage? >> i think we need to impose costs on china for unacceptable behavior. we said, let's bring in china to the international system. if we're friendly, they'll help us. that hasn't worked especially over the last 16 years. china has really moved
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backwards, so we need a new approach and imposing costs on china i think is the way. i don't know if trump will do that but a lot of his advisors who set this call up do agree with that approach and might be a good thing if they, as i said, are willing to see this through. >> reince priebus agrees there needs to be changes here. what kind of conversations are they having and what kind of reaction would you expect from them? >> i think they are stunned. they expected trump to actually take them on as president. but this is before the oath of office. he's now sort of creating his own foreign policy in the absence of an nsc and in absence of the state department and i think they look at this and say, oh my god, what happened? and they supported him when he talked about that in march. now i think they got buyer's
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remorse. >> it will be fascinating to watch and consequential beyond our ability to express. gordon chang, thank you so much. appreciate it. protesters celebrate after the dakota access pipeline route. jill stein's battle recount continues and she'll hold a rally just moments from now and a live report on that. missing california woman found on the side of the road 140 miles from her home. the ransom expert who said he was brought in to bring her home joins me. i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a."
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protesters against the dakota access oil pipeline are celebrating the decision to look
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for an alternate route away from the native american water source but their celebration may be short-lived. house speaker paul ryan blasted the federal government's ruling in a tweet promising to continue the fight into next year. this is big government decision making at its worst. i look bard to putting this anti-energy presidency behind us. said it's an environmental and cultural threat and they said it will boost the economy. the project has now been halted at least for mow. cal, wow, it looks very cold out there. you've been with the protesters for days now. what's their reaction at this point? >> reporter: they're in a bit of shock. this camp is waking up to the news the energy transfer power company in charge of building this pipeline has released the statement. we'll put it up on the screen. the statement basically thumbs the finger at the administration saying this is politics at its worst and the company will continue the construction of the
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pipeline. it's not going to change the reality and word is spreading that was the case. you said there was jubilation. people thought this was a historic day or moment between native american tribes and the federal government and now it seems like the question is remaining. the veterans haven't moved. i'll show you the vet tents. kind of creating their own little city and many are here to protect the water protectors, put themselves between the authorities and the people on this camp. add to that, you have the largest gathering of native americans in modern history here and a lot of these tribes are simply angry and when the jubilation broke out, some tribes said, listen, we haven't been able to trust the federal government in over 150 years. why would we trust this decision to stick? there's a lot of questions here and i'll tell you, the national guard had pulled back from these ridges behind me and they're back here this morning.
7:18 am
we've seen a number of humvees and up armored trucks. the bridges that separates from the authorities is reinforced. it's a wait and see situation here but certainly all of the elements for a clash are now back on, i think, chris. >> thank you so much, cal perry. i want to bring in california congressman raul ruiz, an opponent of the pipeline. good to see you, congressman, good morning. >> good morning, nice to be here, chris. >> what's your reaction? >> the standing rock sioux have the right to self-determination and have a say in matters that affect their health and cultural preservation. we all have that right and so do the tribes. this isn't just a matter of justice. this is the law. and the problem was that the army corps of engineers in their haste to fast track this process and permit did not heed the warnings and the severe warnings
7:19 am
of the epa that said their assessment on the environmental risk was off. that it was too risky. they had to disregard two sacred sites and no meaningful consultation with the tribes. that's where we have this conflict now and the fact that the army corps of engineer went back and reviewed their decision-making process and realized they were in violation of those recommendations that were offered by the other agencies are now deciding to do the right thing and not allow the pipeline to go over federal land that could put at risk clean drinking water of not only the tribes but millions of families that live down stream from that site. >> you know opponents of your position are ready for the next week. you saw that in the tweet from paul ryan. north dakota republican congressman kramer said, today's
7:20 am
unfortunate decision sends a very chilling signal to others who want to build infrastructure in this country. so what are the chances this decision holds in your mind? what's the next step? >> to make sure we hold the administration, the army corps of engineers accountable to their process and that they make sure that they follow the laws that are in the books right now. that's the problem, you know, they say it's big government at its worst when government doesn't follow their own laws or when it doesn't benefit their own political ambition. but i'm an emergency medical physician. i'm a public health expert. i visited the site and saw that 16,000 gallons of oil could be transported in one minute and any leak could be devastating, catastrophic to the drinking wart. that's just not my opinion. this was the opinion of the scientists and experts from the
7:21 am
epa, department of interior and others, go back, do a full environmental statement and then make your decisions and this is what they did and realized it was too risky. >> so rerouting it is not an alternative. you want this stopped and a whole new review done. >> no, ma'am. i don't want them to build underneath lake oahe and they should determine where else they could transport this oil but keep it away from the tribe's drinking sites. if it was too risky near bismarck, why would it be okay to build it over the waters that the gnnative americans use for their health? >> i'm sure we'll talk again as this continues. appreciate your time. >> thank you. up next, the latest on the
7:22 am
presidential election recounts. jill stein is holding a rally outside of trump tower this morning and is donald trump's selection to the highest position in the world having an impact on others around the world? new fallout overseas. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks.
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everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. the green party's 2016 presidential nominee jill stein out on their recount efforts. michigan will be the second state to count their ballots again. trump won that state. wisconsin is already recounting votes. anne thompson at trump tower for us. can you get a sense outside of jill stein and her supporters? how big is the appetite for these recounts? >> reporter: the appetite, at least here on the corner of fifth and 56th, is not very big for these recounts.
7:26 am
about 30 feet to my left, the green party is holding a news conference. it is primarily attended by the media. there are some, i would say, 20 green party supporters there, people in favor of the recount. there's also a number of trump supporters who are there telling the green party supporters, look, you lost, get over it. but the green party is not getting over it. the headline from this press conference is that this morning they are going to federal court in pennsylvania to seek an emergency order to get a statewide recount in that state. now, as you'll remember, donald trump won pennsylvania by about 49,000 votes but today, the green party officials called the voting process in pennsylvania a disgrace and a disaster. saying it uses an antiquated voting system that doesn't even have a paper trail for the votes that are cast. and it says it is punitive and
7:27 am
it is wrong and it's a violation of constitutional rights. so they're going to go to court trying to get a third state to recount its votes. chris? >> anne thompson, thank you. new concerns in europe about a possible trump effect among populist movements there. in austria, voters rejected a far right candidate. the left leaning candidate won the presidential election. bill is there for us. what can we make of these results out of europe? >> reporter: is this proof of populism or the "trump effect" or these results distinct to the politics of italy and australia?
7:28 am
not ready to resign his office. he took a huge gamble to call this referendum and he lost 16-40. huge cry of protest from 33 million italian voters. he was known as demolition man and planned to kick start italy's economy and he didn't, they're planning to kick him out. 40% used unemployment. this was a protest vote, principally. the populist candidate, the far right norbert hoffvehover. still got 46% of the vote so wrong to say that the populist wave sweeps across the west has gone. it hasn't. the five leaders in this area who were in power at the start
7:29 am
of 2016, let's include president obama and president hollande. he won't stand next year. r rensey. the only one left standing is angela merkel and is sad at the italian result but europe is going in the right direction. i think if you polled all of the 500 million voters, they might disagree, this is without question, another crisis for the european union. >> another chance for the economy to be struggling even more. i'm curious what you're hearing there. i just came back from europe myself. i got constant questions about donald trump. you were there though much longer periods of time. what is your sense of the feeling about president-elect trump in europe and what impact that might be having about the way people see their own elections? >> reporter: there's no question most people in europe were frankly horrified by the election of donald trump. they're frightened, they're
7:30 am
frightened of what he might do, of his inexperience, of russia. now, hillary clinton was no guarantor of peace with russia. she was going to be more hawkish, we think, than donald trump. donald trump seems to seek some accommodation with president putin but that's got nerves ji g jingling. but trump has fans here in europe, true of the far right open admirer of trump, putin. that's the next test of the trump effect. there will be elections in the netherlands, in france, excuse me, and in germany coming up. so while we might say that populism has been given a bit of a kick here by the failure of the far right party in austria. there will be many more tests of
7:31 am
the trump effect in months to come. >> standing outside of that beautiful backdrop in vienna. in just the last hour, officials in oakland, california, updating the deadly warehouse blaze that killed at least 36 people now. 11 victims have been identified. investigators combing through the charred debris saying they expect to recover additional bodies but a final death toll days away. sioux tribe is cheering the army's decision to reroute the the oil pipeline through tribal land and that decision, a major victory for thousands of supporters who spent months protesting alongside them but unclear how long it will hold up under a trump administration. house speaker paul ryan called it big government decision making at its worst. a man armed with an assault rifle opened fire inside a popular pizza shop in washington, dc. the 28-year-old from north
7:32 am
carolina is said to have told police he came to the restaurant to investigate the so-called pizza gate that made the rounds during the presidential campaign. that suggested the local peas e pizzeria was at the center of a ring by john podesta. >> what happened today demonstrates that reckless conspiracy theories come with consequences and i hope that those fanning these flames will take a moment to stop right away. >> the suspect is in police custody this morning and do not believe anyone else is involved. dylan roof, the man at the center of the killing of the church goers, he made the request in a handwritten note to represent himself. opening statements in that trial are set for wednesday. still ahead, donald trump's
7:33 am
tough talk on punishing u.s. companies that move jobs overseas. will he keep jobs in the u.s. or spark a global trade war? the california woman found on thanksgiving day. i'll talk to the consultant brought in to orchestrate her release. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian,
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south carolina jurors back in today. the jury already deliberated for 16 hours before telling the judge late friday they're deadlocked. gabe gutierrez is outside. a lot of new developments in this case including a potential number of jurors who said we just can't reach a verdict here. where does that leave us right now? >> reporter: that's exactly right, chris. good morning. within the past few minutes, the defense attorney for michael
7:37 am
slager, andy savage, asked for a mistrial as the courtroom was back in session and it's his understanding it's a majority of jurors that are still undecided. that goes against what we had heard on friday where the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked 11-1 and that lone juror had written the note to the judge saying he could not in good conscience convict michael slager. other news that the jury sent five questions to the judge including, here's three of them, why was voluntary manslaughter offered in addition to murder? that was one question and what is meant by imminent danger and a fifth question, does self-defense apply for a police officer as an ordinary citizen? there's a brief recess 15 to 20 minutes under way as the judge considers how to respond to those questions but this is clearly a jury now after 18 hour o s or so of deliberations is
7:38 am
heavily considering this. we thought this was headed for a hung jury after the note from the jury, a very unusual note in the sense that we got some sense of the inner workings of the jury deliberations even before the trial was over. despite the jurors going in and out on friday and asking for a break over the weekend. we are still in deliberations now, the jurors have many questions. it doesn't look like they're near the end of their deliberations anytime soon. but again, that's a big question right now. how long does this go on? before the judge declares a mistrial, chris. >> the sense that i got, just, again, reading about this and not being there, gabe, based on the things said about the jury foreman or around the courtroom was that there was a lot of frustration inside that deliberation room like there really was a sense we've done everything we could do and the judge said, go back and go at it.
7:39 am
>> reporter: that's right, in the follow-up note from the juror late friday afternoon, the jury foreperson said this person was clearly having issues and there seemed to be a lot of dissension in that room. walter scott's family. they late friday afternoon said they were looking forward to coming back here on monday and a news conference here by local african-american activists urging justice for the family of walter scott but again, new developments this morning, chris, and suggesting that this could be more complicated than we first realized. the jury here at first, we thought it may have been deadlocked 11-1. according to the defense attorney for michael slager, he claims that it is a majority of jurors that are still undecided. so we'll have to wait and see how this plays out. the court expected to be back in session 15 minutes or so. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. up next, tax and c
7:40 am
consequences. the warning donald trump made against businesses who would sent u.s. jobs overseas. and why sarah palin, floated as a potential trump cabinet member calling him out for his crony capitalism. stay with us.
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tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. president-elect trump with six tweets including a 35% tariff on those who make goods outside of the country and try to sell them here. ben white, chief economic correspondent, god to sod to se ben. >> good to be here. >> this is under the big tent. what does he think he's going to accomplish with this? >> the interesting thing, he's talks about putting taxes and tariffs in a case where he's done this with the owner of the
7:44 am
air-conditioning company, used the carrot so far and not so much the stick. what he's going try to do is use this as a pr strategy into thinking, if we move these jobs to mexico, we'll get in a big fight and not look good publicly and maybe think twice about doing it but so far outside of the mainstream of conservative economic thought. generally, they're free markets, not people who don't believe in taking on individual companies and let the free market decide and tariffs on companies that make goods in mexico, that's an invitation to trade war and higher prices. it's a dangerous thing to do. >> when you talk about individual companies, his campaign staff will talk about carrier. the thousands of jobs going away. is this a one-off or some sort of strategy that he has that he thinks he can use time and time
7:45 am
and time again? >> i think the idea of using the bully pulpit and intimidate strategy is what he thinks he can use to win the pr war. they're still moving over a thousand jobs to mexico and getting these tax breaks. it's not like they've been punished heavily. there's a play book. if you're an american company that thinks, we could get tax breaks by just threaten to move to mexico. say, we're going to move this, maybe we can get trump to give us a good deal to stay. that's a dangerous precedent when you offer he has cthese ca. >> nobody's going to try to make the argument there aren't people not hurting, having said that, you talk to folks in the obama administration. they always bristle throughout the course of the campaign at the idea the economy had not
7:46 am
improved under barack obama and the housing or unemployment rate or how much money people are making and those sort of standards that people are doing better than they were then. he does, donald trump, inherit something different. >> it couldn't be any different. barack obama came in with the auto industry in crisis, the worst banking crisis we've seen, unemployment heading to 10%, we're now at 4.6%, something like 16 million new jobs under the obama administration, wages are going up, stock market, as you mentioned, all time highs. house prices finally recovered to where they were before the housing crisis started. are there problems? there definitely are. size of the labor force. he could, you know, hurt this with a trade war and not help the situation. >> in the last 30 seconds, any
7:47 am
kind of feeling within the economic community about what's the one or two things he could do to address, frankly, what got him elected? people felt left out of this recovery. >> one thing he could do in corporate tax reform is making it more hospitable to do business in the u.s. that's a positive he could do. he could get that rate down and make it better for companies to start factories and industries here but if you do a giant across the board tax cut for individuals and corporations, you could blow up the debt and deficit. that would not be good for the people hurting in this economy but he has an opportunity on corporate tax reform to do something positive for business. >> you and i can do our part. we admitted on the break, we have not done our christmas shopping. >> hit amazon hard taeoday. >> thank you, ben. appreciate you coming c a strange case of a california woman who was missing. i'll bring in cameron gamble who
7:48 am
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we've got new details for you. a california woman who was released thanksgiving day after being held three weeks. sherry papini, a mother of two young children. her kidnappers dumped her on the side of the road. two hispanic women she said abducted her. >> sherry did her best that she could in providing the descriptions but was not able to provide a detailed description due to the suspects covering their faces and at times, sherry's head was covered. >> let's bring in cameron gamble, a ransom consultant. tell us how you got involved in this case.
7:52 am
>> i was actually out of town most of the time while sherry was in captivity, but i was brought in by an individual who knew me in the community for speaking on specifically human trafficking a few years prior to this called and asked. she was a mutual friend of the family and asked if i could consult with the family and give my opinion as to what i had thought taken place. >> i've covered far too many of these cases and you really get to the point with the families willing to try anything and tried very non-traditional approaches. your name came up. this is what sherry's husband, keith, said about all that. >> there was no idea or thought that if i think could work, that i was not going to try. >> what was your approach going to be and did you find that family members were skeptical that it could work? >> i really only talked to keith about it.
7:53 am
i didn't really speak to any of the other family members and keith at that point like he said in the video, he was absolutely willing to try anything and we felt like this could work because when you get to that point of desperation, you do try to do whatever might possibly work but keith was all for it. at the very beginning, in fact, it was keith who brought the kidnapper ransom idea to me via the individual who came forward with the money. >> no money ever exchanged hands, correct? >> correct. >> why do you think this was at least part of the reason that she was released? >> well, if you just look at the timeline on this, there's a couple of things going on here. i was the only one willing to go public and call it for what i believed it was, an abduction. alongside the family. they believed it was as well. we released the first video. it goes viral on both social media site as well as just the
7:54 am
media outlet. that was our point was to get it to go viral, there's an option here for these abductors and when the ransom wasn't taken up on, the other option was let her go. you can walk away from this and if you don't, so you're aware, there's a bounty now. as i stated in the video, that's not something i control. that's something we are willing to add to the pot. and then you have less than 24 hours later. these abductors just let her go. >> keith, sherry distraught. i want to play what he said to abc. >> they jumped up on the couch with me and he knew something was up and he said, dad, you can tell me anything. for a little 4-year-old to say that, i wasn't prepared for that, so i just said, your mommy
7:55 am
went running and she didn't come home and we're all looking for her right now. i don't think i ever lost hope, but it was really, eating away at me. >> i had read some of the things including that critics said you might take advantage of the family's grief. how much pushback did you get and did you waiver on your thought that this could possibly move things in the right direction? >> you know, there was definitely some pushback initially, obviously, from the law enforcement side. they felt the approach was unconventional. my response was, when you look at a situation like this, the entire thing is unconventional. a linear approach won't work. and obviously now the pushback is that i took advantage of a family, not sure how. i was retained by not the family but the anonymous donor for $1 and donated to st. jude's
7:56 am
children hospital. no profiteering in this. i was reluctant to step in this. my wife said, are you willing to do this and offer your support? i said, not unless i'm asked and it wasn't until i was asked and even at that point, how can i get involved and offer some hope to keith and it was at that point we had this conversation about what to do next. >> everybody is glad that sherry papini is home and safe and cameron gamble, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. >> absolutely. thank you so much for having me. coming up, high honors for some of the nation's most talented artists.
7:57 am
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call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. they are the natural borns enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. al pacino. join me in saluting our 2016 kennedy center honorees. >> stephen colbert introducing final class of kennedy center
8:00 am
honorees. these five recipients recognized for lifetime contributions through the performing arts. air on december 27th on cbs and there's always great performances on that. that will wrap up this hour. i'm chris jansing. tamron hall is uprig right now. >> thank you. i know you're headed out to trump tower. sad news out of oakland, california. firefighters say they, quote, absolutely expect more fatalities in that warehouse fire that started during a party friday night killing now at least 36 people. one person was just 17 years old. people are still missing at this hour. the search though has been suspended because the building is too dangerous to enter. the families are waiting in anguish as we hear from survivors for the first time. >> never experienced anything like that. never had to save a friend from


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